Disney 2015!

It seems the kids don't get to hang out with GG and Grandpa enough so we decided to take a Disney cruise together.  Getting the entire family together was a lot of fun and the kids really missed their cousins.  Playing pool and learning to gamble cards was a blast and hearing everyone together and laughing was worth the trip alone.

The cruise was on Disney's ship, The Magic, and was awesome!  I think there was one day where it rained for about 10 minutes while we were at sea.  But then after that it was blue skies and warm beaches!  Since it was their Halloween cruise, we got to party and trick or treat around the ship.  The food was great and the time went way too fast.  No one got seasick and it was a complete success!

After that, we branched off to Disney World without GG and Grandpa.  We went to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom.  Foot sore and maybe a little dehydrated, the days were spent having a great time.  Mickey's Halloween party was awesome and we got to dress up again!  Once again the days went by too fast and we wished we could've stayed longer.  The kids were real troopers!